Nicholas Swartz

I love to travel the world and I love to explore new places with my family. That’s why I’m so passionate about boating. It’s the perfect way to get off the grid and explore the world. We’ve been on many different boats over the years. From sailboats, motorboats, rowing boats, yachts to jet-skis. We’ve always been looking for the best gear that will make our travels even better.

There’s a lot of great ways you can enjoy being on a boat. I sometimes like to fish, enjoy speed, relax in the quiet, or feel the power of the waves.

My favorite part about boating is the community that exists around it. Everyone is willing to help out if you just have a few minutes to ask. I like to write about the great gear out there and the people that make it. Follow me on this blog and you will never again end up disappointed about having bought the wrong boating gear.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy,

Nicholas Swartz